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13 NOVEMBER 2012

After much weeping and gnashing of teeth, Lotus NM has released their first album, Quero Tu Amor.

On the surface, the new disc is fiery, passionate, tight and grooving.  Upon further listens, subtle elements of the album begin to reveal themselves like hidden gems, exposing multiple dimensions of sonic depth and creativity.  The end result is an album that is multi-layered and complex.  Rooted in Rock, Reggae and Blues, LNM draws from its wide range of influences and the experience of its members to create interesting music which encompasses multiple genres.  The new album, Quero Tu Amor, (I want your love) clearly showcases this band's versatility and talents as both performers and composers.

The fabric of this beautiful album is woven from many different themes.  This is an album about love, desire, seduction, relationships, walking away, coming to terms and taking life as it comes.  It has mini dramas, light hearted moments, instrumental adventures, solo passages and even features a live track.  As a whole, this album is very well rounded, and the songs each sound uniquely different from one another, yet there is an underlying continuity that ties it all together.

The group deservedly shares additional merits to its credit, for recording this album themselves! None of them being a professional sound recording engineer, the group put its collective experience to work and managed to create a balanced work of sonic artistry.  A feat not easily accomplished!  The band is said to have enjoyed every moment of this trial and error process and is looking forward to the challenges of self-recording their next album as well.

Blossoming forth via Albuquerque’s high desert, Lotus NM is a fresh musical group specializing in a colorful variety of Reggae, Rock, Latin Jazz, Blues and R&B tones.

Sowing the seeds of this musical bouquet are:  vocalist Virgie Marquez, bassist/vocalist Al Mestas, keyboardist/vocalist Steve Brittenham, and drummer/percussionist Aaron Manzanares.


Currently, there are no live performances scheduled.
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APRIL 2013

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